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Chronic Lateness Part 2

Last month, the article “ We Know Why You’re Always Late” caught my eye. (http://www.wsj.com/articles/we-know-why-youre-always-late-1422900180). Lateness is a problem whether it involves physically not arriving, not providing information, not turning in assignments or not completing projects at the expected time. The cunundrom is encapsulated by Justin Kruger, a social psychologist and professor in the marketing …

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Chronic Lateness

Time Management is a topic of discussion in a variety of different professions and industries. The Wall Street Journal recently tackled the topic of lateness in their article “We Know Why You’re Always Late” (http://www.wsj.com/articles/we-know-why-youre-always-late-1422900180). The article discusses the chronically late. “One main explanation for their behavior is deceptively simple, psychologists say: People simply underestimate …

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Illinois Association for Gifted Children

This week I had the pleasure of speaking at the Annual Convention of the Illinois Association for Gifted Children. http://www.iagcgifted.org/ Their mission statement declares, “The Illinois Association for Gifted Children empowers educators, families and communities by advancing effective practices, programs and policies to promote the development of gifted and talented children throughout Illinois.” Over 500 …

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Musings from the CAGT Conference

In October I had the privilege of speaking at the Colorado Association of Gifted and Talented (CAGT) Annual Conference. Hundreds of educators, administrators and parents gathered to share thoughts related to CAGT’s mission of assuring “gifted children grow socially, emotionally and academically to become well-adjusted, contributing members of society…” I presented two talks, the first …

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