Summer 2023

Summer 2023 GoStrong Programs

Get ahead with this summer's GoStrong programs!

Why This Summer Is Important

After several unprecedented years, students and parents are looking forward  to a more routine school experience in Fall 2022. Students will encounter  completely new schedules and opportunities, but also situations that place a  such higher demand on organization, planning and time management skills. And this year, there is often the need to transition from at  home/virtual/hybrid learning to in-person learning with all the academic challenges that will present.

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Learn more about GoStrong Summer 2023 Programs below:

GoStrong Bootcamps

GoStrong Bootcamps: take this opportunity for your student to learn practical, innovative techniques that can improve their executive function skills. Learn techniques to maximize attention, memory, and organization. Receive instruction in the GoStrong method to conceptualize and enhance executive functions.

  • Getting Ready for College Bootcamp
  • Getting Ready for High School Bootcamp
  • Getting Ready for Next Year Bootcamp

Writing Workshop

Sharp writing skills enhance school performance. However, becoming a strong and consistent writer takes more than a desire - it takes knowledge and practice. This student-centered  workshop will focus on writing skills needed for students 6th grade and beyond. Six weeks to accomplished essay writing!

  • Planning and structure of writing
  • The importance of revision
  • Expressing your individual style

GoStrong Book Clubs

Book clubs are a great way to engage students with reading and to help create a reading culture. While reading for fun is wonderful, knowing how to read for school is essential. GoStrong Book Clubs focus on building the skills needed to successfully read a novel for class.

  • Pre-Reading Activities
  • Vocabulary Building
  • Critical Thinking and much more

College Essay Writing

The college application process is one of the most challenging executive function tasks ever created. One particularly difficult aspect is writing the college essays. This requires advanced  skills in planning, timing, prioritizing, making use of feedback, and executing the writing.

  • Learning how to brainstorm
  • Deciding how to pick the best topic
  • Strategies for editing and revisions

Space is limited, so sign up and reserve your spot today!
REGISTER by contacting Susanne Phillips Keeley  •  847.970.2415