What others say about Susanne & GoStrong

"Before you stepped in, I was feeling a lot of trepidation about sending (our son) off to college as it seemed like it might be a set up for failure. I think we can let him go now."

"Your practical, individualized approach has made all the difference in (my daughter’s) 4th grade year. She now looks forward to school and is so proud of her accomplishments."

"Everything you are recommending makes sense!
You are an awesome partner!"

"Conferences this semester were such a positive experience for us. The teachers all praised M’s hard work and progress. I can’t tell you how happy we are — and he is! — with his progress!"

"Susanne's lectures are informative and fun. I was able to utilize her techniques the next day."

"I haven't missed a single assignment since using Write This Down for my student planner. And I have more free time!"