Back to School

I am often asked, “What is the best planner?” The answer: “The one you will use!”


Not only having a planner but also knowing how to use it is key to success in school. Yet something so instrumental is often left to chance, inconsistent in methodology or ignored.

Let’s begin by agreeing on proper word usage. Each student needs a planner– not an assignment notebook – not a calendar – not a to do list – not a checklist – not a wall of sticky notes. Students need a single location to plan their days and weeks.

One size does not fit all. Everyone has different components that work better than others for them. That being said, here are the elements that are essential for any planner whether it is paper or digital.

  • Big enough to write in easily but small enough that you will carry it with you
  • Days and dates are pre-printed- you don’t need to write them in yourself
  • Every day of the year is included-all weekends and vacation periods
  • A designated space for every academic class
  • Each subject section has ample room to write
  • Space to document after school activities
  • Some extra space for additional notes

Just having a planner isn’t enough. You need to know how to use it and that’s where having a systematic method – a routine- can help.

I have developed a 10-step routine that can be used with any organizational tool and have seen students achieve remarkable success in their ability to document, time, prioritize, complete and turn in their assignments using this method.

Write This Down is perfect to include on your back-to-school list.

This simple, direct, student driven 10-step system can be used with any organizational tool and will help students learn how to track and organize their time and responsibilities, helping create a positive, productive and efficient learning experience.