Illinois Association for Gifted Children

This week I had the pleasure of speaking at the Annual Convention of the Illinois Association for Gifted Children. Their mission statement declares, “The Illinois Association for Gifted Children empowers educators, families and communities by advancing effective practices, programs and policies to promote the development of gifted and talented children throughout Illinois.” Over 500 teachers and parents had the opportunity to learn more about the unique needs of students identified as gifted. The lectures offered a wide variety of information presented by experts in the field.

IAGC realized a great accomplishment this year with the Illinois State Board of Education’s gifted education teacher endorsement. This extra certification reinforces the need for specialized learning in the field of gifted education. It was encouraging and motivating to speak with so many teachers and parents who have a true commitment to these needs.

I spoke on the important 3Es of Executive Function: Encourage, Enhance and Expand. An individual’s strengths and weaknesses in Executive Functions are often the key to success in school. How many students are unable to consistently demonstrate their actual learning because they can’t manage their papers, manage their time or make use of feedback? A strong understanding of EF skills coupled with the incorporation of techniques to maximize these skills should be a part of every classroom.

I also presented my 10-Steps for effectively using a student planner. Look for this to be available as Write This Down in the future!