GoStrong High School Bootcamp

GoStrong High School Bootcamp


Getting Ready for High School

•Why This Summer Is Important•

A strong start in high school is key to success. Classes are more exciting but at the same time, the work becomes more difficult and time consuming. Academic achievement is challenging for many students in this new environment especially when combined with the draw of digital media, social connectivity and extra-curricular activities. Students’ executive function skills must allow them to succeed with confidence.

Take this opportunity for your student to learn practical, innovative techniques that can improve their executive function skills with GoStrong Bootcamps!

3-Hour Series
Individual or Group
2 or 3 days

One-on-One Series

  • Individualized instruction in the GoStrong method with consideration to your selected high school
  • Focus on time management and organizational methods for your particular classes, interests and activities
  • Your own copy of Write This Down: Making Your Student Planner Work for You

Group Series

  • Put together your group of 3-4 students
  • Instruction in the GoStrong method
  • Practice using the processes in typical school situations
  • Discussion of time management and organizational methods including a copy of Write This Down: Making Your Student Planner Work for You
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